Employment Visas

Employer Nominated Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored visas can be an effective way to attract a steady and reliable stream of qualified candidates. This is an attractive option for international workers as the processing time for skilled visas in particular, can be fast and offer streamlined paths to permanent residency. There are different options and the visas can be temporary or permanent.

In industries where a shortage of local talent exists, this option can be a great solution to ensure your business can attract and retain sufficient team members to maintain and grow your business.

Employer Sponsored Visa Options

  • 186/187 Visa: Employer Nomination Scheme
  • TSS 482 Visa: Temporary Skills Shortage Visa
  • 494 Visa: Regional Employer Sponsored

Other Skilled Visas

  • Global Talent Visa

These visa types have specific criteria, requirements and obligations that need to be met by both the employer and the employee. The visa types available are designed to fill skill shortages and provide employers with access to labour that cannot be found locally.

A Workforce Solution You Can Rely On

If you are an employer looking to secure a workforce solution that you can rely on to support your recruitment, deployment and retention of overseas skilled workers, Timpson Immigration Lawyers are here to help. We provide a permanent solution to secure a viable longer-term stream of reliable overseas staff.

“Timpson Immigration Lawyers have been undoubtedly our “game-changer” for the entire visa process, and we’ve been through a lot!

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the complex Australian immigration system, Louise and her team have always been more simply available. They supported us, satisfied all our needs, took care of any possible issue that occurred, and did it with a professional, positive, and practical approach. We couldn’t recommend them more!”
Tommaso Pellegrini GAICD CA RCA Chief Executive Officer

At Timpson, we are one of the few Immigration Law experts in Queensland

We help many corporate clients in Australia. We take care of everything needed to ensure your business meets the requirements and obligations set out by the immigration department for the employer nominated visa programs. This allows you to grow and maintain a steady and reliable workforce and get on with business.

Our firm only deals in Immigration Law

Here at Timpson Immigration we are experts in the field of migration and specialise in employment and sponsorship visas. Focussing solely on immigration law, allows the firm to offer an extremely high-level, tailored service. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in this area, and consistently gain outstanding results.

What are the requirements and what you need to consider as an employer or an employee

For any employment related visas, both the employer and employee will need to meet a certain criteria.

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How We Can Help You

With all the changes in the Department of Home Affairs, employer sponsored visas can be a daunting and confusing process. With our support, you won’t ever have to worry about any unexpected surprises that impact your business.

Are you unsure of where to start? Timpson Immigration Lawyers are here to help. We are experts in the field of migration and specialise in partner visas.

  • We take away the stress and allow you to get on with business
  • Our depth of experience focusing only on Immigration Law
  • We have specialised experts in employment related visas
  • Get peace of mind knowing our outstanding track record
  • We have a clear and transparent fee structure

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