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Outstanding success rate – your success is our success

At Timpson Immigration Lawyers we only engage clients that we know we can help. We don’t want to waste your time or money and we want to get results for you. If we feel that we can help you, an initial consultation with an immigration lawyer will be suggested (for a small charge of $330).  If you are looking purely for a second opinion the consultation fee will be $550 with our accredited specialist.

We send you a questionnaire to complete before the meeting, (please complete this as thoroughly as soon as possible in order to get the best out of your meeting). The initial consultation is key because it will allow our lawyers to assess your situation more thoroughly. (It is possible that your situation can be resolved just from that meeting).

Australian immigration and citizenship law is governed by strict requirements. A high level of professional attention is needed to handle migration matters. That is why we can’t answer quick emailed questions, we need to know all the facts to advise you correctly and offer the best solution.


What happens in the first consultation?

The first consultation is your opportunity to discuss your situation with us in detail. If your case can’t be resolved in one meeting, you’ll be given a full overview of the options that may be available to you. You’ll also receive an outline of the costs for each option. Those costs relate directly to your situation.

What to bring 

At the very least, you need your passport. If you are in Australia as the holder of a substantive visa, a copy of the most recent visa granted to you is required. It is also helpful to bring any other documents that may support your ability to stay in Australia. The more information you can provide the immigration lawyer the better.

What you get from the first consultation

Resolving matters quickly is a priority for you – and for us. It’s for this reason that you will obtain:

a clear idea about the options available to you

a specific pathway for those options

an expectation of how long it will take to resolve the matter

a firm understanding on the potential costs involved.

You will walk away from that consultation with clarity and direction.




Product Suite

At Timpson Immigration Lawyers we recognise that clients have varying needs and budgets.  Therefore we have developed a tiered offering  ranging from guided products through to a full service.

Silver –  Assessment & Advice Package – from $5500

A great budget friendly option for applications with no complications or concerns, when you just need a bit of help getting started. Timpson Immigration Lawyers perform a thorough check of the quality of your evidence and your application documents. Allowing you to lodge and upload supporting evidence to the DHA.

Gold – From Assessment to Lodgment – from $7700

A complete service all the way to lodgement.  Ideal for clients pressed for time and looking for professional assistance with their application. 

Timpson Immigration Lawyers check facts against forms and evidence. Address potential risks and advise you technically. Plus the lodgement and uploading of fully formatted evidence.

Platinum – Assessment to Lodgment & VIP addons –  from $11000

Timpson Immigration Lawyers  handle everything, prioritising your application if required. Pricing includes an Affidavits and statutory declarations to support your evidence. We advise you of any further requests for information from the DHA after lodgement. We are the ones they contact on your behalf, saving you the stress of worrying about when they might call you.

Here’s what one of our customers said about the experience:

“I was very unsure of what I needed to do, or provide, or even the whole process. But the firm didn’t treat me like an idiot for not knowing what to do. You should use them. Simple. They will make the process very straight forward, and will get it right the first time.” ~ Client S

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How much are our services?

First consultation: $330. 

Consultations can be held face to face in our Brisbane office or via telephone / teleconference for your convenience.  All consultations are held with an expert immigration lawyer. (Second opinion consultations are $550 and held with our accredited specialist).

For our full services a guideline is below, as previously mentioned there are options for guided services from $5500.

Employer Nominated Visa (subclass 186/187, permanent):

$8000 – $12000.

The cost will depend on the complexity of your situation.

Partner Visa (subclass 820/801, 309/100, 300):

$9000 – $12000.

Student Visa (subclass 500):

$3000 – $5000.

Australian Citizenship: $3000 – $5000.

For all other costs, including standard business sponsorships and Migration Review Tribunal appeals, please contact us.

It’s important to note that Department of Home Affairs fees are additional to all legal fees above.