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Experienced Immigration lawyers Brisbane & Mackay

Timpson Immigration Lawyers are experts in all aspects of immigration law. We offer advice and assistance on all migration issues, including primary visa applications, merits reviews, judicial reviews, and ministerial intervention applications. 

Kathryn Smith is an expert in immigration law. Her expert knowledge places her as the best resource you can have in this area, regardless of your location.  Looking for immigration lawyers Brisbane or Mackay? Look no further.

Immigration lawyers Brisbane

Helping people create a great life in Australia

Helping people create a great life in Australia is the primary drive behind what we do. We pride ourselves in understanding your needs.  We will always work towards optimum outcomes in all situations and won’t engage you unless we know we can help.  With our outstanding success rate, why choose anyone else?

“We approach every client’s case holistically. We want them to be able to live the life they want in Australia, being able to make their own choices for themselves and their families. Ultimately we want to make their lives better”

Louise Delaney

Joint Founder & Business Development Manager
Timpson Immigration Lawyers

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You will find that our visa experts are genuine friendly people who treat each case like it’s their own. Our immigration lawyers will get it right the first time.

Louise Delaney

Joint Founder & Business Development Manager

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Why use an immigration lawyer?

When organising legal and official documentation, one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome relates to the submission of the correct documentation. The immigration department will require a variety of documents: from birth certificates all the way to documentation relating to criminal records, offences, and driving bans. Failure to submit these forms when requested can result in a delay or even a rejection of the application altogether.

Immigration lawyers Brisbane
Immigration lawyers Brisbane

Your visa issues solved

A lawyer will have a firm understanding of what is required to gain approval for your visa and will help ensure that all relevant paperwork is prepared, organised, and ready for submission. By utilising the services of an immigration lawyer, the chances of obtaining approval increase several times over. 

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Help us, help you and your connections

We strive to achieve the most positive outcomes for each of our client’s complex situations. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for those who need us, to find us.

Get peace of mind for trusted friends, family members or colleagues coming to Australia, with the Timpson referral program available to past, current and future clients.

We believe in the culture of having each other’s back, and giving back, which is why our referral program ensures that all successfully referred clients will receive a free consult. On top of this, their case will be elevated to our VIP High Priority service.

If you know about a tough case, trust Timpson to willingly and expertly deliver.

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You will find our visa experts are genuine friendly people who treat each case like it’s their own. But don’t take our word for it, see what our happy clients have to say about it.