What visa options are available to Afghan nationals and who has priority?

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Following the closure of the Australian Embassy in Afghanistan, the Federal Government is providing visa options to Afghan nationals, including those displaced from their home country through Australia’s long-standing humanitarian and migration programs.

In this regard, the Department of Home Affairs continues to receive a large volume of enquiries from visa applicants, sponsors and the public.

How many visa places will be available for Afghan Nationals?

On 18 August 2021, the Australian Government announced that an initial 3,000 humanitarian places will be made available to Afghan nationals within Australia’s annual program. However, the government anticipates an increase to the initial allocation over the course of 2021-22.

How will applicants be assessed?

Applicants will be assessed on an individual basis and will be required to demonstrate
their humanitarian needs.

Processing times may vary depending on the applicant’s location, their ability to travel, provide documents or access Australian government officials.

In addition, eligibility requirements will need to be met which will all be subject to rigorous assessment prior to the grant of a visa. These requirements include:

  • Health
  • Character
  • Security checks

Which applications are being prioritised?

The Department continues to prioritise and respond to as many enquiries as possible.That said here are the applications that are being given priority:

Locally Engaged Employees

The Department continues to give high priority to Locally Engaged Employees (‘LEEs’)
certified by their employer as being at risk of harm as a result of their employment in
support of Australia’s mission in Afghanistan.

Those who have a connection with Australia

Afghan nationals with a connection with Australia, including extended family members of Afghan LEEs already settled in Australia) will also be prioritised under the Humanitarian Program.

Which Afghan nationals are exempt from travel restrictions?

Afghan Locally Engaged Employees and their immediate family members with valid Australian visas are automatically exempt from Australia’s current travel restrictions in light of the global pandemic.

Who can make an application on behalf of an Afghan national?

Should you or an Afghan national you know have difficulty accessing communications to apply, the
following persons can make an application on behalf of the applicant:

  • their proposer
  • a close family member
  • a parliamentarian
  • a member of a diplomatic mission
  • a member of a consular post
  • a member of an international organisation
  • a registered migration agent
  • a legal practitioner

What are the visa options?

For those wishing to migrate to Australia on the basis of their skills or relationships with
family in Australia, there are a number of visa options available under Australia’s migration

All visa applicants must meet the eligibility requirements under migration legislation such as family relationship, health, character and identity prior to the grant of a visa.

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