What is the Global Talent Independent Visa (GTV) – (858 Visa) and how has its expansion into the target sectors changed?

What is the Global Talent Independent Visa (GTV) – (858 Visa) and how has its expansion into the target sectors changed?

The Global Talent Visa is a streamlined visa pathway open to highly skilled professionals to work and gain permanent residency in Australia.

Changes to the target sectors of the Australian government’s permanent migration scheme for highly-skilled applicants have expanded the original “future-focused” fields to a total of ten, opening the program to applicants from industries such as education, tourism and circular economy.

What do these changes mean for Employers and Skilled applicants seeking to work in Australia?

The effect of the widening of the program is to open the program to more skilled applicants across a broader range of industries. The areas expanded have been identified as being able to help maximise the country’s economic growth in the wake of the global pandemic. The update also attempts to “future-proof” certain industries within Australia.

What are the 10 target sectors that are included in the Visa after these changes?

After increasing the intake for the program for the financial year, the government has confirmed the following list of eligible sectors:

  • (a) Resources
  • (b) Agri-food and AgTech
  • (c) Energy
  • (d) Health industries
  • (e) Defence, advanced manufacturing and space
  • (f) Circular economy
  • (g) Digitech
  • (h) Infrastructure and tourism
  • (i) Financial services and FinTech and
  • (j) Education

Why have these changes been made?

With the continued shortage of skills in key areas in Australia especially following COVID-19, employer sponsored pathways still offer businesses a capacity to nominate or sponsor overseas workers as a means to fill the skills shortage.

However in an effort to attract additional highly skilled and talented individuals whose skills fall outside the government occupation list, the Australian government has expanded the program to address the continued skill gap in the Australian economy that has grown since the pandemic.

What to do if you are an employer seeking to hire skilled overseas applicants

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What to do if you are a skilled applicant in one of these areas looking to attain a visa in Australia

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