Updated Travel Exemptions for Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Updated Travel Exemptions for Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

The Prime Minister has announced that the Federal Government would be looking to expand the definition of ‘immediate family’ to include the parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

This is great news for those with family living overseas, as prior to this announcement parents were not included in the travel exemption.

When does the new travel exemption for parents take effect?

From the 1st of November 2021, parents of adult Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand citizens usually resident in Australia will now be considered an immediate family member and will qualify for a travel exemption from the current travel restrictions.

Will these parents still need to quarantine after November 1st?

For those in New South Wales, their parents will be able to fly into Sydney from November 1st and will not be required to quarantine under quarantine-free international travel arrangements also announced by the Premier of New South Wales on 15 October 2021. 

Are there any other restrictions that still apply?

The Vaccination restriction still applies. So  the parents of Australian Citizen or Permanent Residents will still need to prove that they have been double-vaccinated.

Are Australia’s borders now open?

At the time of publishing, in light of the global pandemic, Australia’s borders remain closed and entry to Australia is strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Travel to Australia is only available if you are a citizen, resident or immediate family member. Otherwise you must be exempt or have been granted an individual exemption.

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