Track your employer-sponsored nomination application using ImmiAccount

Is there are a way to track your sponsorship or visa application? Yes there is – using ImmiAccount. In this article we look at what ImmiAccount lets you do.

Employer Sponsored Nominations in Australia are completed using an online system called ImmiAccount. Both Employer Sponsored Nomination (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) applications use the ImmiAccount system.

Unlike paper-based systems, ImmiAccount gives you the ability to do things like track and manage your application.

Some of the things it allows you to do include:

  • save an application to complete over time.
  • update your passport, email and address details.
  • attach documents.

Most importantly, it allows you to check on the progress of your application.

To track an application you need your unique reference number.

When you lodge your application using ImmiAccount, you are given a transaction reference number or TRN. Every application lodged in ImmiAccount is given a unique number – which is your TRN.

Once you have your TRN you will have to use it to do things like:

  • manage your application and change details.
  • identify your application when you talk to the Department for Immigration and Border Protection.
  • track your application.
  • check your visa entitlements.

My immigration lawyer lodged my application. Can I still use ImmiAccount?

If you have an immigration lawyer submitting your application on your behalf, talk to them about the best way to track and manage your application. It’s very possible that this is something they will do on your behalf.

Confused? See this page at the Department of Immigration for more guidance »

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