There are several pathways through to permanent residency in Australia. This week we look at what some of these might be.

As with many immigration matters, there are other rules and exceptions. If you are interested in seeing how you can follow any of the pathways below, call us for a chat. We will tell you some of the finer points that relate specifically to your situation.

Which road is yours?
Which road is yours? Image by Psym, used under license. Source: Flickr.

Pathway 1: Professionals & Other Skilled Workers

If you are already in Australia, and you are working as a professional or other skilled worker, there is a pathway to permanent residence for you. This pathway falls mainly to Subclass 457 Business – Long Stay visa holders.

You can apply for a permanent visa, for example, if you have amongst other things:

  • Lived in a regional area for two years
  • Worked (which includes self-employed) for one year in that same area.

Pathway 2: Gained Sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

If you have been living and working in Australia, your employer might want to sponsor you. If an employer does sponsor you under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, you can apply for permanent residency.

Pathway 3: Study in Australia and build enough points

As an international student in Australia, you may qualify for the Graduate Skilled Visa (subclass 485). To be eligible for this pathway, you must:

  • Have completed one or more qualifications after studying for 2 or more years in an Australian institute
  • Have completed your qualification within the immediate 6 months before submitting your application
  • Be living in Australia.

Are these roads not yours? Call us.

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, or you can’t see your road here, get in touch with us. We will be able to help you forge your own way through to Australian residency.


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