There no current or forthcoming immigration system outages.

Past system outage notifications are below.


A scheduled SkillSelect system outage may impact you on 14 and 15 June.

The SkillSelect visa applications system will be down from 9 am on 14 June, until 3 am on 15 June 2014. If you try to use the system during this outage, you might receive a ‘Server 500’ error message.

If you do get an error message, don’t panic. Just wait until the system is back up and try again.

Will this outage affect my existing application?

No. This outage will not adversely affect existing applications in the system.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Call our office on 07 3608 5007 and speak with us directly, or email us.

Outage for electronic visa applications

Published 25 June 2013

For anyone that is minded to make a visa application electronically this week (with a view to avoiding the 1 July substantial price hikes), the Department’s eLodgement systems will be offline from 28 June 2013 and will ostensibly not be available again until 1 July 2013.

Prospective applicants planning to apply online for any visa, prior to the introduction of new visa pricing and policies on 1 July 2013, are encouraged to lodge and pay for their application before 9 pm (AEST) on 28 June 2013.

Where an application is not lodged before then, the new visa pricing arrangements will apply.


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