Immigration and Innovation: an exciting area

It is exciting for Australia that there is a positive relationship between immigration and innovation. It’s an exciting time for Australia because innovation has become a recent focus of our immigration system. It’s a very new and developing area of immigration law.

Looking overseas gives us reason to be excited about what immigration can do for our clever country. A good example is the USA. Migrants make up a large number of the USA’s innovative population. According to this link, a typical Nobel Laureate profile is an immigrant. They are usually someone trained – or teaching – at an American university, and an American citizen. But they are born overseas.

Australia recognised that our migration system is good at putting people into jobs. Our skilled migration is great at matching needs to skills. What it wasn’t good at was targeting people’s capacity to innovate. Or even, of targeting people with a history of being successful in innovative ways.

Innovation drives economies. It occurs when there is a framework to help its growth. The framework needs to help distribute knowledge. It has cultural factors, as well as a clear and simple system of regulation… among other things.

Image courtesy of Q-WIN, the Queensland-wide Innovation Network
Image courtesy of Q-WIN, the Queensland-wide Innovation Network

The Business Innovation and Investment program is designed to increase innovative expertise in Australia. Our government recognises that business leaders create new opportunities. Those opportunities are not just jobs. But they are also export and product opportunities. Things that help the country grow.

It makes Australia’s future brighter, and gives everyone – Austalians, and potential Australians – more and more opportunity.

Even though the program is in its infancy, we look forward to seeing its positive effects. With time we we will start to see more and more positive outcomes, showing the importance of immigration to our innovations.

We love that we are able to contribute to this area of Australia’s growth. We are a key part of the immigration journey for people. It’s exciting that what we do has a positive impact not just locally, but also nationally.

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