The Health Matrix: new visa applicant health assessment regime

The health matrix is the health assessment regime that applies to visa applications in Australia.

What is the health matrix?

It is essentially a fancy name for a health assessment structure. The matrix tells us which medical examinations are required for different visa applications. that

How does the health matrix work?

The matrix is a grid that matches people to examinations depending on specific factors.

For example, the matrix will look at your country of citizenship, the visa subclass type you are seeking, and how long your intended stay in Australia is.

Then, it will look at a range of other factors, such as age, whether you are pregnant, whether you have any diagnosed blood-borne diseases. It looks at your intended work (or study), and what types of medical assessment – if any – will be required.

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Where can I get more information?

Click or tap here to contact us for more information about the health matrix, or to find out what medical assessments apply in your specific situation.



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