Immigration Spotlight: Details of the 2023-2024 State Nomination Programs

Immigration Spotlight: Queensland and Victoria Unveil Details of the 2023-2024 State Nomination Programs

In recent times, the dynamics of state and territory nomination programs in Australia have seen several shifts. Both Queensland and Victoria, prominent states in the nation, have unveiled their nomination plans for 2023-2024. 

These changes not only reflect the evolving immigration landscape but also signify the broader implications for potential nominees. 

Here we delve into the recent announcements, criteria adjustments, and operational shifts within these programs and provide insights on how one can navigate this competitive terrain.

What are the changes in the nomination programs for Victoria and Queensland this year?

Whilst the state nomination criteria remains relatively unchanged for Victoria, Queensland has some very specific requirements for applicants to meet in order to be considered for a nomination under either the Subclass 190 or Subclass 491 visa.


  • Due to the smaller allocation numbers, Victoria has announced they will be closing their program in early 2024 


  • Queensland has advised they will be conducting invitation rounds at the end of each month only, in order to manage the anticipated volume of Expressions of Interest they will receive.

How competitive are the state nomination programs expected to be this year?

As we have previously flagged, the programs across all states and territories are sure to be competitive this year, and applicants need to be across the different requirements and criteria for each state or territory they are seeking nomination from. 

What do visa applicants need to do for the best chance of success?

Visa applicants must thoroughly understand the criteria set by the state or territory from which they are seeking nomination to avoid any mistakes.

Additionally, they should explore the various methods to accrue points within these programs, maximizing their chances of securing an invitation.

Given these changes, and the inherent competitiveness of such programs, applicants must be thoroughly versed in both the nomination criteria and point-claiming methods to bolster their chances.

Where can applicants seek professional assistance for state nomination?

With the right guidance, you can navigate the evolving landscape of immigration. Reach out to experienced professionals, such as ourselves, to ensure you’re exploring every possible avenue toward securing your visa.

Here at Timpson Immigration Lawyers we have had huge success with clients seeking state nomination.

Feel free to give us a call on (07) 3166 9100 to assess how the changes to state nomination numbers affect you, and discuss the other options you might have in Australia.

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