You should not submit original documents as evidence to support your visa application, unless you’re told to do so. And you can’t just photocopy them, either. All of your copies must be certified.

What is a ‘certified’ copy?

A ‘certified’ copy is one that a designated authority will certify, or sign, knowing that it is a real copy of an original document. It is a process that stops people from forging documents.

During the process, the person who certifies your copy must also see the original. If you do not have your original with you, the certification will not take place.

Can just anyone sign my documents?

No. There are officials who can certify your copies. The people who can do this for you may change from time to time.

The people who can certify your copies in Australia may include:

  • a justice of the peace
  • a magistrate
  • a commissioner for declarations
  • a commissioner for affidavits
  • a notary public
  • a pharmacist
  • an officer in an Australian Embassy, Australian Consulate overseas.

I’m in another country. Who can certify my documents here?

To find out who can certify your documents, the best thing to do is speak to the relevant Embassy or Consulate. The Australian Embassies and Consulates website can help you find the right person to speak to.

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