It’s long been recognised in the USA that immigration has been the vital to that country’s culture of innovation. There is a simple reason: It’s that when you bring people together, ideas flourish.

Brisbane is one of those cities that continues to benefit from explosions of ideas that result from the influx of people. In 2009, the city was identified as a ‘hot spring’ of innovation. And in 2010, the Brisbane innovation scorecard results [pdf] pointed to a greater global perspective driving the innovation in the city.

The influx of skilled professionals into Brisbane helps to fill necessary gaps. But it fills those gaps with the skills and experience of people from all over the world.

The influx of different cultures brings with it alternative ways of doing things, and new perspectives.

As Ben McNeil wrote for The Australian,

Without a culture that makes big, bold bets on new ideas, it’s difficult to see how Australia can move from being an idea cemetery to an idea launcher.

Big, bold bets on new ideas – and new people.

Google itself pointed out in a 2013 report [pdf] that enhancing culture and community engagement is important to the ‘tech startup’ sector in Australia. Visas like the Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188 and 888) are particularly important in helping new ideas to take shape.

As Forbes reported, innovation is helped by diversity:

Multiple and varied voices have a wide range of experiences, and this can help generate new ideas about product and practices.

Diversity helps us to think in new ways, because it shows us perspectives that we would not have considered before. These explosions of ideas are just one positive outcome of immigration.

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