Do you employ more than one migrant worker? Or is your company unable to find suitable applicants for a range of roles, and is possibly looking to talent overseas? Here are seven reasons why you deciding on one immigration lawyer – an Expert in Immigration will save you HR pain.

1. Expertise is critical

There aren’t many Experts in Immigration Law in Queensland. Currently there are fewer than 10 in the whole state. Each one of them has an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise in the area of immigration.

2. Time is money

When you are looking for a service to help you at your company’s level, you need to know that the person you engage is going to do what you need to do, when you need it. More so, you know that the time spent on your behalf is all important work.

The last thing you want to be doing is waiting for paperwork to be completed; to be involved in meaningless meetings or discussions; or waiting for someone to do what they need to do.

Obviously, nobody can help delays after the Department of Immigration and Border Protection already has an application. But you need a firm that is going to recognise that you need proactive help.

3. You need to be able to rely on the outcome

The statistics on visa refusals are pretty staggering. There are up to 20,000 refusals just for partner visas every year. As a business, you can’t afford to spend money and time, only to have a visa refused because an application was poor.

When you use an Expert in Immigration, you know that your requirements will be met, and no application lodged until there is a higher level of certainty that it will be accepted. If, in the very unlikely event, a visa is refused, that expert can work with you on the next steps in terms of trying to succeed on appeal. They know exactly what needs to happen, and can help you achieve it, without having to bring anyone else on board.

4. Offering employment, with migration factors worked out, is more enticing

As an employer, any position that you offer to someone overseas will be more enticing if you are able to help them with their migration needs. By leaving it up to the employee, you are more likely to face delays, confusion, and uncertainty.

As a senior decision-maker, it is beneficial to you to have those elements worked out before offering a position. When you know that you already have a framework in place, you can guide your employees more effectively. In the long-run, this lifts confidence and morale, and positions you as someone who is able to help them.

5. Your relationship with your lawyer improves the process

As with any area of law, the more that your lawyer knows about you and your situation, the better. Over time, you will develop a rapport with them, and that lawyer will learn more and more about you and your business.

As that relationship develops, the process becomes smoother and easier for both parties, because you both know what to expect. This is one of the greatest benefits of establishing one law firm for all your migration needs.

6. You know that your immigration lawyer’s knowledge is up-to-date

With the rise of blogging and publishing online, everyone can make it look like their content is up to date. But is it really? And how often is your preferred law firm updating its knowledge?

Experts in Immigration law are required to go through a continued knowledge accumulation process. That means that they must undergo extensive ongoing education to prove that are actually at the forefront of immigration law in their state of practise.

7. You have a go-to for questions and concerns

As an employer there is a lot to think about when you employ an immigrant. You have a lot of responsibilities, just as your employee does.

When you deal with just one law firm for your migration needs, you develop a “go to” relationship. It doesn’t matter how simple the question, it is less stressful for you when you know you can pick up the phone and ask someone that you trust.

As an employer of more than one migrant worker, having that support is indispensable.

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