6 Sure-fire ways to kill the stress of waiting

Waiting on the approval of your partner’s visa can be taxing. Partner visas can sometimes take up to two years for approval. It’s naturally a difficult time, especially because your partner may be off-shore during the process.

Here are six ways to kill the stress of that wait.

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1. Stay connected online

A great way to stay connected with your partner is by video calling. It is a cost effective way to stay in touch. It also gives you a feeling of instant connection with your loved one. It is more personal than other forms of mobile conversation: You can see each other and talk face to face. It allows you to maintain that connection to talk about your day-to-day activities and be more engaged. There are plenty of applications and platforms you can use such as ooVoo, Skype and videolink2.me, among others.

2. Holiday together

If possible, take a short holiday, and spend time with your partner and his/her friends and family. Take photos and videos to cherish your special moments together. A side benefit is being able to update your partner’s visa application with new visit dates and photos. This ongoing evidence helps support your case.

3. Teach your partner about Australian ways

If your partner is able to spend some time with you in Australia , teach them about the Australian culture and lifestyle. This could include Australian traditions, celebrations, greetings and cuisine. You could teach each other about cultural differences, etiquette and what is socially acceptable.

4. Learn a new language

Depending on where your partner is from, it may be help to learn the language that your partner speaks (if other than English). This will help you to connect with your partner in a more meaningful way. It can also help develop stronger ties with his or her family.

Learning a language is a way to embrace and share each other’s lives on a deeper level. It can also show strong commitment to the relationship. Perhaps you could attend language classes, and then practice talking with your partner while you wait. A huge benefit of this is learning both formal and informal styles of the language.

5. Plan for your future together

Work out a plan for what your partner will do when they arrive in Australia. What are the job opportunities available? Maybe look at study options at University or TAFE. Are they eligible?

Do they have a current qualification and is it recognised in Australia? If not, what other options are available to them?

If your partner has dependent children (who will come with them), consider different education and schooling options. You could get them started by organising a literacy and numeracy test, or give them some tutoring.

6. Live well!

At times you may experience feelings of stress and guilt, particularly if your partner is living in poor conditions. Self-care is incredibly important during these times. Remember you are doing everything you can.

While the wait may seem never-ending, keep yourself occupied by living a healthy and positive life. If you are unsure of what to do with your spare time, MeetUp.com helps you to connect with people in your local area that share similar interests and hobbies. This can include exercise, sports, music, movies and food. It’s a great way to meet new people, try new things and have a bit of fun while you wait.

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