3 Things to Consider when Moving to Australia

Sometimes you need to throw yourself out into the world, and make a huge change. Before you decide to go to another country, do some homework. Moving overseas is a big step! Here are some things to consider and plan for.

Think about the climate

If you are in the UK and you want to come to Australia to get away from the rain and grey sky, that’s one thing. But if you ended up in a regional area, where you had to rely on tank water – and it didn’t rain for two years – would you cope?

As this blog puts it so wonderfully, Australia has a “colourful climate map”. Cold miserable weather can impact on your health; but so can extremes of heat. When you want to improve your life, this is a big deal. Likewise, if you are terrified of storms, moving to a cyclone-prone area is not the best idea.

Image: Australia is far away, hot and cold, and has 23 million people.
Data courtesy Australian Bureau of Statistics & The Bureau of Meteorology

Great job, great culture?

Working lives, between countries, vary. They vary because regulations are different; people are different; the way management works is different. The way workplace culture functions is different.

If you are offered a fabulous job somewhere else, try to find out the variables that aren’t in the job description. You might have to be creative to do this; maybe a working holiday is the right way to do it. The job itself might be awesome; but don’t run the risk of working in a culture that impacts negatively on your life.

Migration takes time

You want to move to Australia, and you want to do it now, dammit! But the migration process takes time. There is a lot involved, and you need to make sure you do it right. This includes finding an immigration lawyer who offers knowledge, support, and value to you – and understands what you are hoping to achieve.

Moving to another country isn’t something that you can just do. It takes time and planning. In the long-run, you’re better off doing it right the first time, and making it a positive experience. If you’re looking to move to Australia, contact us for more information.

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