If you have received a notice that your Australian visa is being considered for cancellation, or that your visa has been cancelled, don’t be disheartened as you are not alone. Cancellations have risen dramatically under the current government and in many cases, the Department of Immigration exercises discretion on whether or not to cancel a visa. Engaging help from a specialist in visa cancellations is the most important thing you can do, as there are often steps you can take to appeal or have the decision revoked.

Visa cancellation decisions can be set aside, overturned or revoked by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the process for applying for a review of the decision can be done quickly and effectively by a lawyer who is a experienced in the area of cancelled visas.


We can help. First, you need to confirm that your case is eligible for appeal or revocation.

Check the notice you received from the Department of Immigration. The sections under which you can receive a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) include: 501, 137J, 134, 116, 109. In these cases, there is often an opportunity to appeal. In the case of a mandatory cancellation: 501(3A), there is no right of appeal but an application can be lodged for a revocation of the decision.

ACT FAST! It is critical that you act quickly to take the necessary steps to lodge your appeal or application for revocation. You need to speak to a professional as soon as possible who is experienced in this area.

Strict time limits apply, and if you miss your window, you will lose your right to have the decision reviewed and then there is no recourse. You become an unlawful non-citizen who can be placed in detention, be forced to immediately the country and can be excluded from ever returning to Australia, or at least for a number of years.

Don’t delay. Speak to one of our experienced visa cancellation experts now to find out where you stand.

Visa Cancellation


Timpson Immigration lawyers are experts in this area, specifically specialising in visa refusals and cancellations.

  • We specialise in visa cancellation cases
  • Character, health, technicalities and other discretionary grounds
  • We understand how important these cases are to each individual
  • We lodge urgent appeals fast
  • Well over 10 years of experience presenting cases for favourable reconsideration
  • Our single goal is to get you that YES

A visa cancellation is something that everyone dreads receiving or even hearing about, but if you act quickly and choose the right representative, it does not have to mean the end.


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If I knew then what I know now I would 100% go through Timpson Immigration.

I couldn’t have done it on my own or with another agency that didn’t know the system as intimately, especially for when difficulties arise, and they will!

Scott Turner 



Richard proved what I was told. His professionalism in dealing with the case, the depth and breadth of details that he catered for, and his surprise visit in accompanying me on my hearing with the

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) restored my confidence. He helped me walk the last miles, which are always the hardest.



Richard Timpson –  Director & Principal Lawyer

“My focus is to get all our clients the right outcome”

Richard is one of a small handful of accredited specialist Immigration lawyers in the State of Queensland.

Richard is a qualified as a solicitor in 1999 in the Republic of Ireland. He achieved the status of an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law in Australia in 2012.

  • Accredited immigration law specialist
  • Nearly 20 years legal experience
  • Expert in complex immigration law
  • Innovative in his approach
  • Migrant himself from Ireland
  • His visa was granted in 2 days

Richard and his partner founded Timpson Immigration Lawyers. The company specialise solely in immigration law focusing more on complex immigration law cases.

Richard’s expertise and commitment are extremely well respected in the industry. In addition to running his own legal firm, he helps to advise other legal firms and migration agents on complex immigration matters.

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