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Frequently Asked Questions 

Some of our most commonly asked questions can be found here. They include things like how long the process takes, how the fees structure works, and what do you bring to your first consult? All this and more is in our FAQ.

Families and Immigration

Read through our category of articles relating to families and immigration. Do you want your mum to come from somewhere else for a visit? How do family visas work? Are there any updates that I should know about? Our articles about family visas keep you informed.

Employment and Immigration

Read through our category of articles relating to employment and immigration. Do you employ migrants? Are you wanting to come to Australia for work? And who is responsible for what? It’s a big area, and we publish information regularly. Read on.

Your Health and Immigration

Did you know that you need to go through a health assessment during your immigration application process? Do you know what systems are used, or how health exclusions work? We write articles about what to expect, what it all means, and how assessments are made – and more besides. Start reading now.

Our Stories

We profile our staff members, and include our own stories here, too. You can read more about us and our team members by looking here.