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Need help with your visa or migration issue?
Need an immigration lawyer Brisbane or Mackay?

You’re in the right place.

Get help with:

  • Visa applications
    • general skilled migration (permanent and temporary)
    • family and partner migration
    • student visas
    • protection visas
    • business visas
    • all other visa applications
  • Meeting visa application requirements
    • eMedical requirements and health checks
    • character requirements
    • finding evidence to support your application
  • Permanent residency
  • Citizenship
  • Difficult problems
    • visa cancellations
    • judicial review
    • merits review
    • ministerial interventions

… and much more besides.

Looking to engage an immigration lawyer Brisbane or Mackay?  We can certainly help you.  Immigration lawyers are able to offer assistance on both primary visas and complex situations.  You will certainly be in good hands, with our outstanding success rate we have successfully managed some of the most complex situations in Australia.

Migrating to Australia is one of the biggest things you’ll do in your life. Don’t get it wrong.

It’s a big step which can be costly if you choose the wrong pathway or do not submit a quality application suited to your situation.  We are here to guide you, starting with an initial consultation to assess your situation and recommend a pathway.

Your initial consult will help you work out the best option in your situation. Not only will you get a solution designed for you, you will know exactly what it will cost and what to do.

The consultation is only $330.   The immigration lawyer will review your situation before the consultation and be ready to discuss the best pathway.  The more information you can give us up front the better, we provide a link to a questionnaire prior to your appointment for you to tell us your situation.  


  • TIP: Make sure it is a number where we can reach you between 9 am and 5 pm.