Check Product Disclaimer

Check-it Service disclaimer – scope of work and confirmation of the extent to which we can advise you.

Our ‘Check-It’ service is a review undertaken of what material you possess in support of your claims. This service is carried out to provide you with our opinion of your evidence only.

Given that we are unable to test that evidence in this service, the views we can give you are not a definitive opinion as to the prospects of success with your claims. Even if we feel you may have arguable claims after looking at your material in this service, the assessment of your situation remains highly subjective and a decision-maker may disagree with our views and refuse the application.

You also need to be mindful that:

  • By engaging us to provide this service, we have carried out no enquiries as to your immigration history and the responsibility remains yours to ensure you are able to validly bring any visa application and to do so within statutory time limits;
  • Any documents you supply to the Department of Home Affairs are not bogus documents and do not contain false or misleading information;
  • In reviewing your material, we have not examined it for content which runs contrary to your claims or, which could otherwise be detrimental to your application. In that respect, should there be any inconsistency between what application you intend to bring now and your evidence (or in terms of any visa application you have made previously), this could have a significant effect on prospects;
  • the scope of this service doesn’t include advice on whether there are any sponsorship limitations affecting this application or any exclusionary or restrictive measures which could capture your circumstances. You agree to proceed with this product on the understanding that no such circumstances exist; and, finally,
  • In the provision of any advices to you under this product, we do so subject to your instructions that you can meet prevailing public interest criteria such as matters going to your character, your health and whether you owe debts to the Commonwealth of Australia, amongst other things.

If you do have concerns in any of these areas or require us to investigate and test your evidence, we will need to spend more time with you and be retained to do this under a separate product we offer.

Due to Trust Accounting regulation we are required to obtain your authority on the items below.

‘Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation’

– 28 January 2018 Timpson Immigration Lawyers

☑ Authorisation to receive invoices electronically Pursuant to Section 330(7) of the Legal Profession Act 2007 you hereby agree to receive invoices from us electronically which we will send to you at an email address which you provide to us.

☑ Authorisation to Transfer Money from Trust Account You authorise us to receive directly into my trust account any judgment or settlement money, or money received from any source in furtherance of your matter, and to pay ourselves our costs, disbursements and expenses in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 58(3)(a)(i) of the Legal Profession Regulation 2007 (QLD).

If you prefer not to give the above authorities, please reply to this email “opt out” and we will forward your invoice via the postal service 7 days after your consultation.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Timpson Solicitor (MARN 0853143)