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There are many benefits to becoming a citizen in terms of security and rights. You’ve been through the permanent residency process so you know the score. You just need a bit of expert guidance and re-assurance to get you through.

That’s where we come in. Our Do It Yourself kit lets you take control. Guiding you through the key steps to become an Australian Citizen.  We also offer a guided service if you need more reassurance by way of a consultation.

DIY Citizenship

  • Do it at your own pace
  • Guided videos
  • All the forms & instructions
  • Low cost option
  • Easy access
  • Supported by Immigration Lawyer practice based in Australia
  • Cost $295*

DIY Citizenship + Consult & assessment

  • As per the DIY kit plus:
  • Consultant session to work through any concerns
  • Cost $750*


*Department of Home Affairs (DHA) costs are separate.

5 easy to follow steps

``I highly recommend this kit to people who are willing and prepared to ``give it a go````