About You

All immigration stories are about you. Are you in Australia, and have you’ve fallen in love with the place? Have you been here and want to come back?

Are you thinking about full-time work or study in Australia?

Have you met someone online, and want to be together?

Your immigration story needs a happy ending.

Every potential migrant has a lot of questions. Can you bring your family? Can you be sponsored? How does a migrant start a business? How do you move from studying to permanent residency?

And then there are the health requirements. And character requirements. There are just so many things and forms and conflicting information.

We want to help you to enjoy and enrich our beautiful country.

We do that by giving you clear-cut options, real alternatives, and an individual pathway to migration. The complexities of Australia’s immigration law require specialist advice.

“It was the best choice we made. You don’t want to risk messing up applications or missing documents. It was clear Richard knew exactly what was needed.” ~ Client D

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